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Dear Candy,

I feel so badly about the recent turn of events and I tried to hold it off for so long. We were in trouble from the opening night, as the reviews indicated, but I believed in this play and in this cast. You were all wonderful and worked so hard. I understand the cast is upset with me because of the way they found out the play was closing. I left that to other people to do, which apparently was not done.

The most important part of this letter though is for me to send you my personal gratitude and love for you not only being to wonderful, rich, comic actress you are, but being the spiritual leader of this play. Your religious beliefs and convictions helped a lot of us during the toughest times. I remember the time you said to me, "God speaks to you".. Sometimes I think He does. And someone of a very High nature spoke to me last Wednesday and told me not to go on any further with this play. In order for it to live at some future time, it would have to stop now, give me a chance to reevaluate it, rewrite it and get a director who could give it it's full time, the time it deserved.

I have always admired your work. You are a wonderful actress and you were a wonderful Karen. Gene Saks, a marvelous director, is coming down and looking at it on Wednesday night to tell me if he thinks it's worth my while to try to resurrect it. Resurrection is sometimes a miraculous occurrence. Again, my gratitude, admiration and love to you.

God Bless You
Neil Simon

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