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'Moon Is Blue' Still High, But Controversy's Set

From: The Miami Herald
by: Will Willis

Dania--Seeing "The Moon is Blue" at Jack Valentine's Country Dinner Theater really gives a sample of of how attitudes have changed in the last decade or so.

It is hard to believe that the play, which seems just good light comedy, created a Storm of controversy and raised critical eyebrows across the country when it waS first presented in 1951.

The fact that the play is still enjoyable even though it has lost all its shock effect, is a tribute to the playwright, F. Hugh Herbert.

Candy Azzara, as the innocent heroine, is excellent.

Perhaps the play actually would be better as a whole if she were not quite so good, since the other actors, though they perform well, suffer by comparison with her.

Candy, a student at Lee Strasberg's school in New York, has appeared in a number of plays off-Broadway and in summer stock, and has had television roles in "The Nurses," "The Guiding Light," "The Secret Storm," and "A Time for Us."

Hugh Cameron, as the middle-aged lecher who proposes marriage to the artless girl, is smooth and convincing in his role.

The British accent called for in the script comes naturally to Cameron, who was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. and studied drama in London before joining the Royal Air Force. He worked at Stratford-on-Avon and appeared in several London musicals, then spent six years in Stockholm, Sweden as a dancer and actor. He came to this country in 1964.

John Conway, as the girl's father, has only a brief appearance in the play. He has a master's degree in education and has worked as a school teacher, but prefers working in the theater which he says he has been doing off and on since he was 12. He toured across the United States in the road show of the musical "Oliver."

The bright comedy is carried off well by the team of actors, led by director Michael Douglass.

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