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Candy Captivates Valentine Theater

From: Ft. Lauderdale News
by: Arlene Johnson

In last night's production of "The Moon Is Blue" at Jack Valentine's Country Dinner Theater, Candy Azzara's performance completely captivated the audience.

As a beguiling and winsome Irish Colleen, she playfully and expertly steals the show from her contemporaries.

Thus, did Maggie McNamara steal the show from William Holden and David Niven in the film version of "The Moon Is Blue."

The action of the play takes place in New York City in the observation tower atop the Empire State Building. There, our heroine meets a young architect, played by Alan Rachins, who invites her to dine with him.

Due to a sudden downpour where our heroine's dress, becomes wet, they go to his apartment to dine after she is assured the young man's intentions are honorable.


Upon finding the cupboard bare, our hero leaves to purchase the necessary staples from the corner market. During his absence, our heroine admits a neighboring apartment dweller, played by Hugh Cameron, and invites him to share the dinner.

The innocence of our heroine and the maneuvering of the two entranced men from the plot of the play.

Candy Azzara is simply delightful throughout the play in a very demanding talkathon role which she handles with great skill and humor.

Alan Rachins as our young hero, is a tall, John Saxon Type with smoldering dark eyes that should flutter a few young hearts in any audience. They sometimes, however, betray a wide-eyed expressiveness not called for in the script. Alan is aptly cast and carries his role with apparent ease.

Hugh Cameron plays the middle-aged rogue convincingly English and with style even though he was born in Scotland.

John Conway, father of our heroine, briefly appears on stage to blacken the eye of our hero in a very funny scene.

"The Moon Is Blue" is a virtuous comedy, which will provide a very enjoyable evening.

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