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From: The Sun Tattler
by: Pat Mascola

F. Hugh Herbert's vintage comedy "The Moon is Blue," opened last night at Jack Valentine's Country Dinner Theatre, Dania, with a talented cast that is sure to please tablers for the next several weeks.

The three act play is delightfully humorous and zestfully enacted by it's three leading players, Candy Azzara, Alan Rachins and Hugh Cameron. Cast also includes John Conway in for a brief second act appearance.

The subject is light and the author's pen is filled with philosophical wit which stems from the loquacious pretty mouth of Patty O'Neill (Azzara) who thinks nothing of telling strange men that she is still a virgin at 21 and proud of it.

"Kissing strange men is OK... it's lots of fun" chatters out Patty with her Brooklyn-Irish accent "but that's as far as it should go," she tells Donald Greshan (Rachins) a well-to-do architect she more or less picked up.

He's kissing her 10 minutes after they meet and is taking the Boy Scout's honor that he will be a gentleman if she would go to his apartment for a drink. She's a kookle, trust-worthy, soul so she goes. He doesn't get much of a chance to do anything even if he wanted to cause the pretty miss is yak, yak, yakking constantly, asking the poor guy all kinds of personal questions that has him spinning like a top

Candy Azzara is a refreshing performer who is praised for handling a lot of tricky and lengthy dialogue smoothly and effectively.

To complete the triangle, there is David Slater (Cameron), a suave, divorced Englishman, in his early 40's, who likes to devour little pretty naive girls like Patty. He learns quickly that the Irish lasS is coated with thorns and taught to swallow. Anyway, Slater has a teenage daughter who is supposed to marry our young architect. We are told by her father that she is no prize package.

Both Rachins and Cameron turn in convincing roles as they find themselves getting emotionally involved with this rare breed of a girl.

Fro the final act, Donald is the recipient of a black eye dealt out by Patty's raging Irish-cop father (Conway) and the debonair Slater ties on a good drunk trying to figure out the honest and to the point, Patty.

"The Moon is Blue" is a Lancher Production directed capably by Michael Douglas.

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