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Dear Candy,

It was so nice to get your note! Tell you the truth, the part was written for you in the first place and no one else was ever seriously considered for it. I just kept remembering how much I loved you in "Fatso", one of my all-time favorite movies. What I said after you read was that with you and Robert carrying the scenes, I had no more worries.

It's an enormous pleasure when some one does exactly what you envisioned while writing, but when someone adds things that even the writer didn't see and brings a personal, idiosyncratic and creative interpretation to your work, that's heaven! You did that. It takes such a special lady to be Dennis Shothoffer's girl. The dailies of "Another Saturday Night" are glorious and I think you're going to be very happy with the results from the introduction of Mary Rose right through to the last scene. I hope so. You've certainly made us happy around here.

Thanks you for making Mary Rose special!

Warmest Regards,
Your fan
Marianne Clarkson

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