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"Growing up in Brooklyn prepared me for show business." Ever since Candice (aka Candy) was a child she has been performing and involved with her Art projects. "At home Dad created his own one man band playing harmonica, guitar, and cymbals. My parents would sing Country Western songs, yodelling, while my sisters, brother and I would sing along and dance. My neighborhood was filled with comics, high drama and boys singing on the corners."

Fellini's movie La Strada and a great Italian Theater Legend Eleanora Duse inspired Candice to pursue an acting career. So, off she went to New York City to learn her craft, studying the Classics: Voice, speech, poetry, ballet, opera and acting classes (with Lee Strasberg and Gene Frankel). This led to Off-Broadway plays, Regional Theater, A Comedy Improvisation Group, Summer Stock, Pre-Broadway plays and then Broadway, including Lovers and Other Strangers written by Renee Taylor and Joe Bologna. They also hired her as a TV Series Regular in their sitcom Calucci's Dept. (starring James Coco). Norman Lear had seen her on Broadway and hired her for a TV pilot in California. Candice flew back to New york determined to continue her career in the theater. She was hired for hundreds of commercials (on camera and voice overs.) "I felt as if each commercial was a mini movie."

Her agent insisted she go to California. She said she would only go for 3 months and that's all. "I had to stay. There was so much work for me. I was hired for so many T.V. pilots I thought I'd get a Pilot's license." There were hundreds of episodic T.V. shows--Comedy and Drama, including recurring roles in Rhoda, Soap, Who's the Boss and Caroline in the City.

Howard Zieff hired her for his movie Hearts Of the West. Now Candice was in the movies, filming with Gene Wilder in The World's Greatest Lover. Then Howard Zieff and Walter Matthau gave her a co-starring role in the movie House Calls. "Anne Bancroft really blessed me with a great starring role in her movie Fatso (with Dom Deluise). It was a spiritual experience for me. She was so generous and dedicated to the truth." Candice can be seen in many movies such as Easy Money, Unstrung Heroes (directed by Diane Keaton), Catch Me If You Can (Steven Spielberg), Ocean's Twelve (Steven Soderbergh) and In Her Shoes (Curtis Hanson).

She still continues her first love-theatre acting-in Detective Story at CTG Ahmanson Theatre, Los Angeles and The Old Globe Theatre in San Diego in Neil Simon's Jake's Women.

"Everyone has always been very supportive," Candice says. "I will always thank my parents for the colorful creative life they introduced me to. Mom was always my biggest fan. She was always in the audience. She's in heaven now yet I still feel her in the audience. Thanks Mom."

Candice and Michael Conley have written a book called "God, Please Give Me Patience...and Hurry!" filled with 24 original humorous short stories.

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